Facebook Group Code of Conduct


As a University Hill Farms Neighborhood Association member, you will be able to join and participate in the official Facebook Group under the following conditions:

You will DO the following:

  • Respect your neighbors, always

  • Use Chats, Events, Recommendations and other Facebook Features as Intended by Facebook

  • Report and leave enforcement of illegal activity to the proper authorities

  • When reporting content that you find to be offensive, please explain the reason why

  • Handle personal disputes between your immediate neighbors directly

  • After finding something worth more than $100 and posting about it, take it to the Madison Police Station or, if found on school grounds, to that school’s office (Wisconsin Statute 170.08)

You will NOT DO the following:

  • Post private posts from another group that cannot be seen by all members

  • Post potentially false or misleading information that cannot be corroborated with official or known factual sources

  • Post sensational or unnecessarily alarming news stories that upset other members and do not necessarily pertain to the group

  • Flame or insult other members

  • Use of abusive language, including swearing

  • Racism or discrimination in any form

  • Seek to identify a member of the neighborhood or community for the purpose of shaming or harassment for legal activity (Wisconsin Statute 947.0125(2)(f))

  • Threats or advocation of violence, harassment, or intimidation, even as a joke

  • Inappropriate or offensive content, or anything you wouldn’t share at work

  • Post politically motivated messaging or cartoons intended to offend or belittle and undermine discourse

  • Repost the same post more than once in a short period of time (exceptions given for official UHFNA sanctioned events)

  • The sale of goods at a large scale (such as but not limited to Multi-Level Marketing Schemes products/schemes), or events or services with personal commercial interests

  • The sale of dangerous/illegal goods or services

  • Publicly complain about the moderating team's choices regarding the enforcement of the above group rules, especially without contacting the moderators first

Administration of the Facebook Group

  • Administrators will be chosen by the University Hill Farms Neighborhood Association Board

  • Administrators pledge to do the minimum and participate as normal members of the community

  • Posts that violate the above rules:

    • Will be removed at the moderator’s discretion

    • Offenders will be notified of reason for removal and allowed to respond

    • If reversal is justified and offensive portions can be corrected, the moderator may reinstate (if not too much time has passed per Facebook limitations) or allow the post to be reposted

  • Members who do not follow the above guidelines will be subject to the following policies:

    • Repeatedly posting content that is against the rules may result in Post Approval for the member by Group Administrators at a last resort before removing the member

    • Depending on the egregiousness of the offense, members may be muted for a period of 30 days and/or removed from the group entirely

    • A member who has been muted, had post approval turned on, or removed from the Facebook Group may appeal the decision at the next board meeting