Get Involved

Involvement in UHFNA and Volunteering Opportunities

The University Hill Farms Neighborhood Association needs volunteers for to help with large and small tasks. Please consider volunteering for one of the following board positions, open in August 2019. If you have questions about any of these positions, feel free to reach out to Your email will make it to the relevant person.

Open Officer position:


The Treasurer shall have custody of all money and securities of the Association, give such bond as the Board may require, sign all checks of the Association and perform such duties as are incident to that office.

Open Director positions:

History & Social Events

The History & Social Events Director is responsible for gathering a neighborhood historical record. Also, this position will be responsible for planning the New Neighbor Welcome Event in the fall and the Spring Social.

Membership & Directory

The Membership & Directory Director coordinates the Hill Farms annual membership drive as well as signing up new members throughout the year. Also, this position is responsible for maintaining the 987 membership database records as well as coordinating, producing and distributing the biennial Directory to paid households (currently 735). This individual monitors the Facebook group, member requests, and answers inquiries about becoming a member of the Facebook group and the Association. Future plans are to convert the Hill Farms database to a different platform. The individual in this position should be willing to assist our Technology Director with this transition.

School Liaison

The duties of the School Liaison are to provide communication and advocacy for the Hill Farms Board and our neighborhood schools: Stephens and Van Hise Elementary, as well as Hamilton Middle School.

Open non-director task:

Santa Suit Storage and Maintenance

Store the 8 Santa Suits; deliver to Covenant on day of visits, wash for the next year. There are two tubs and each suit has a garment bag holding much of the gear.