The University Hill Farms Neighborhood Association is an optional cooperative among neighborhood residents in the University Hill Farms neighborhood, which is located in Madison, Wisconsin. The only requirement to join is an annual fee (currently $10) and that you reside within the boundaries as defined by the City of Madison. The primary benefit of annual dues is community events, such as a July 4th Parade and Picnic and a Halloween Party. Additionally, the Neighborhood Association maintains official relationships with the Parks District regarding our two parks, our schools and school district (MMSD), law enforcement, our Alder (District 11), city planning and developers, and other civic bodies so that Neighborhood Association members stay informed through the administration of online communities and email/list service.

Joining the Association Board and being able to vote on any binding resolution is currently restricted to property owners, as defined in our Bylaws. However, non-owner Associate Members are valued, opinions welcome, and can take part in neighborhood activities, otherwise.

The University Hill Farms Neighborhood Association Board pledges to be neutral in all political matters and offers factual responses and resources as is required by our Covenants and Bylaws, only. Board Members, being human, may have opinions of their own, but do not speak on behalf of the Board.

Neighborhood Map


The University Hill Farms neighborhood is located on Madison’s near west side, bounded on the north by Regent Street and Sheboygan Avenue, on the south by Mineral Point Road, on the east by Segoe Road, and on the west by Rosa Road and North Whitney Way. Our postal code is 53705.


The neighborhood encompasses two parks (Garner Park and Rennebohm), and is served by two elementary schools (Glenn Stephens and Van Hise), one middle school (Hamilton), Hilldale shopping center, and the Hill Farms State Office building are to the North and East. Just minutes by car from the University, downtown, and beltline, the University Hill Farms neighborhood is situated in a desirable and convenient location.

The Neighborhood Plan

The University Hill Farms Ad Hoc Steering Committee was appointed by the Mayor, confirmed by the Common Council, in February 2013. The steering committee’s role was to prepare a 10-15 year plan for the study area: roughly University Avenue on the north, N Midvale Boulevard on the east, Mineral Point Road on the south, and Rosa Road and N Whitney Way on the west. As part of the planning process, residents of the study area were invited to participate at several public open houses, through an online community survey, and as part of smaller focus groups. Conversations were initiated with major multifamily, commercial and institutional property-owners, especially in regards to proposed land use changes in strategic focus areas.

The University Hill Farms Neighborhood was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2015.

Panning Commission's Neighbohood Plan documents.