What does Membership cover?

Paying Dues

The annual fee is $10 per household and renews every September with the annual membership drive.

If you are not contacted by late-September, please complete the Membership Form. Details and instructions for the form are available on our Directory  page.

Annual memberships always take effect beginning November 1. See the bylaws for further details on membership and dues.

To pay dues via cash or check, mail or deliver to 5041 LaCrosse Ln., Madison, WI 53705.

Hill Farms Residents

All residents of the Hill Farms neighborhood are invited to become members of our neighborhood association and join in our activities.

Associate Members

In addition to regular members, the Association has a class of members called “Associate members”. The following persons are eligible to be Associate members:

Associate members pay membership dues in the same amount and on the same schedule as regular members. Associate members may participate in the activities of the Association on the same basis as regular members.

Associate members, however, have no vote on any matter before the Association and are not eligible to be elected as directors or officers of the Association. They may serve on any Association committee.

Email for more information.

Register or Update Membership

Pay Membership Dues