Architectural Review Committee (ARC)


The ARC is required to exist as defined in our neighborhood's covenants, which is a binding contract between neighbors on plats within University Hill Farms. The purpose of the ARC is to prevent conflict between neighbors when it comes to adherence to the covenants, as written in the nine different plats. The ARC, which consists of individuals learned experience in the architecture, development, civic planning and industry, provides an interpretation of the covenants to those wishing to make changes to their property. Other than interpretation upon a request or discovery of new development, they do not enforce, retain lawyers (other than a voluntary basis), or otherwise have any power to compel neighbors to adhere to their contract with their neighbors. Any neighbor within a plat can sue another neighbor in court for violating their contract, and any consequences will be determined through legal proceedings. The ARC is neutral when it comes to political matters and will not take a stance not clearly defined within governing documents and covenants.

Committee Members

Committee re-elected officers and Sub-committee chairs for 2019-2020 terms.


Joe Keyes, Chair 

Brian Ohm; Vice Chair

Subcommittee Chairs

Russ Kowalski, Plan Review Subcommittee

Mike Lawton, Legal Subcommittee