Hill Farms Ice Rink

Note: This is not a University Hill Farms Neighborhood Association activity.
It is run by independent volunteers within the neighborhood. 

For questions or concerns not answered below, contact HillFarmsIce@gmail.com

About the Ice Rink

What are the dates of the season?  When are you open?

The park is open daily from 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM.  The skating season is dependent on the weather. A fantastic season might run from Christmas/New Year's until Groundhogs Day or Valentine's Day. But, some years we are not able to make ice at all. Be aware that after a snowfall, it may take as much as a day to get the rink cleared of snow. A light snow is removed by volunteers, while heavier snows are removed by the City.

Is there a warming shelter?

Yes.  Shelters open at 10am and close at 9pm when the Park Ranger comes by. There are also picnic tables outside where you can sit to change into/out of your skates.

Are there restrooms? 

Yes.  Although the shelter's restrooms are closed in the winter, there is a portable toilet ("port-a-potty") outside the shelter, next to the rink.  There are mats/boards between the rink and the toilet to reduce damage to skate blades when walking back and forth.

Do you rent or loan skates? 

Our skate loan program is up and running! They will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please use the provided disinfectant and towels to clean the skates after you use them, and then return them to the bin.

Is there a food/drink concession? 


Are there boards for playing hockey? 

No. The rink is all-purpose and open to all types and levels of skaters.  Hockey players are welcome and are asked to restrict their game's area on the ice so that others may skate safely and have fun.

Who maintains the rink? 

The Adopt Ice program, a partnership between the City of Madison Parks Dept and a group of volunteers ("The Human Zamboni") maintains the rink.

How can I volunteer?

Interested persons can sign up to receive email about scheduling ice making and shoveling (the two main jobs). Email HillFarmsIce@gmail.com and someone will respond. Please be aware that this email address is not watched closely in the off season. 

How to Be a Zamboni

Keys to the shelter

Keys to the room where the hose is stored are in a lockbox by the garage door. When you sign up to help, you will receive the combination for opening the lock box.

Start up 

Shut down 

Other Notes

Do not disturb the little heater in the front corner of the hose room. It’s keeping the pipes from freezing. The heater will turn off if it’s picked up, but will turn back on once it’s put down.

Outside lights are on a timer.