4th of July
Parade & Picnic

The 2022 Event was awesome! Here are the details from last year's happenings.

Kids and Family Parade! Registration starting at 9:30am, parade at 10:00am. Free food and beverages! Children’s games! Water balloon and egg toss!

The Fourth of July Parade is primarily for children, but all ages are welcome to enter the parade as well as to watch from the sidelines. Most participants ride bikes, but most any other mode of getting from Juneau Road to Rennebohm Park, including walking, is welcome. Many bike riders decorate their bikes, but undecorated bikes are just as welcome. Motorized vehicles are discouraged unless decorated as a float. A small American flag will be given to each person who registers.

Parade Directions

Line up at the circle on Juneau Road between 9:30 and 10:00am on July 4th. The parade will start at 10, from Juneau Road to Eau Claire Avenue, across Regent Street to Rennebohm Park. If it’s raining at 9:30 or 10:00am, wait an hour and try again; if it’s still raining, the parade will be cancelled, but go to the shelter in Rennebohm Park anyway, as food will be served and some activities may be possible.

Marching Band

Anyone who has ever played a musical instrument is welcome to dust it off and join the marching band, which assembles and plays as part of the parade, by contacting Roger Rowell ahead of time will make it more likely that there will be music for you. And if you have a lyre for your instrument, please bring it.


Hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, vegetarian options, etc. will be provided. Contributions will be encouraged at the food service table, especially for friends and family from outside the neighborhood. Beer, soft drinks, and water will be served.


Family-friendly MUSIC will be played during the event, and we’ll have fantastic CHILDREN’s GAMES organized by Jack Englehart, including the popular EGG TOSS as we’ve done in years past.

Help Needed

We need your help in putting on this fantastic event. We are currently in most need of volunteers for serving food. Please contact Andrea Wiltzius (andreawiltzius@gmail.com) if you are interested. In addition, we are looking for a couple more folks interested in grilling and food service. Contact Joe Keyes if interested. Lastly, we are looking for individuals to help with clean-up. Please contact Jennifer Grandone (jgrandone@gmail.com) if you are interested.